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Doors for the highest safety requirements

Hire a company that understands your business. We have good experience of complex projects that require discretion and an ability to think proactively. MaxiDoor has the right expertise and organization to efficiently develop special solutions for the kingdom's most security-intensive institutions.

Most legal centers around the country and others for the community rely on MaxiDoor's doors to keep their businesses safe.

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Take part of our complete standard range

The range consists of Swedish-produced quality doors tested under harsh conditions. Choose from, among other things, dense security doors, steel sections and aluminum sections.

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What security door do I need? Don't worry, we'll help you!

We work both our product quality and delivery quality, which means that we solve complex projects in close cooperation with both clients and suppliers for best results.

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Personal guidance and long-term perspective are important to us

We help you get clarity by reporting a well-documented process. MaxiDoor will help you from idea to installed door.

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