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We protect your values

MaxiDoor manufactures security doors and steel partitions in Frövi, just outside Örebro. We develop comprehensive solutions for high security and work in close cooperation with our suppliers and clients. Everything from new design and design to customized total solutions and service to customers all over Sweden.

Our business began back in 1950, when founder Göran Olofsson and two partners started what would later become Frövi Fire Doors. In the 1980s we changed our name to MaxiDoor, and during our 65 years in business we have grown and developed into a strong and quality-conscious player in the market. We see ourselves as problem solvers in the security field and today we have nearly 70 employees. Our customers include players in the public sector, where we supply standard products such as doors and batches to schools and hospitals, among others. We also develop custom-made security solutions for various government and private customers.

Since 2018, the Pomona Group, a family-owned development and investment company, is the principal owner of MaxiDoor.

Steel doors tested under extreme conditions – for your safety

A steel door can withstand a lot for a long time. It should withstand wear and be safe. Our steel doors offer security on many different levels and the doors are designed to last over time. Both our production of standard and special doors takes place in our own factory in Frövi. We also help you with design and assembly.

85 employees

Our experienced employees ensure the highest quality

Over 20 countries

Customers in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Germany, etc.


Doors installed since its inception in 2007

A corporate culture of forward thinking

In our journey to becoming the Nordic region's leading player in security doors, we stand out by constantly being at the forefront of technology, quality and ongoing competence development.

"Our knowledge is our engine – Jens Gustafsson"

We set new industry standards

MaxiDoor handles the kingdom's toughest security requirements and that entails a responsibility. Our security doors are continuously tested to resist blasts, gunshots, extreme heat and planned break-ins.

Our recipe for success

Our products are developed on site in Frövi, Sweden. This means a smooth and difficult production route. In addition, it entails extraordinary communication between our project managers and production. Through our own manufacturing in modern production facilities, we can effectively meet our customers' demands every day.

All the way – let the pros finish the job

Our experienced fitters complete the work by safely, correctly and time-efficiently getting your product into use. In many cases, our doors have advanced locking features and associated technology that require proper installation and testing to minimize surprises. In cases where staff and passers-by need to get a basic understanding of how the door works, we always offer training in the functions of the door and how it is intended to be used.

We help you be equipped for the future

Successful collaborations are about people. We strive to build long-term and rewarding relationships with our customers. This means that we are looking further ahead than a successful project. Our ambition is to be your first choice in the future, including your new partner for maintenance and service. We can only do that by delivering world class, in every area.

Mauritz Andersson

Sales, MaxiDoor

+46 581 377 67

Questions about construction or steel doors? We are happy to answer your questions.

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    What industries are our products in?

    Our doors can be found in society's most central functions such as hospitals, prisons, legal centres, as well as in real estate and industry.

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    What security door do I need? Don't worry, we'll help you!

    We work both our product quality and delivery quality, which means that we solve complex projects in close cooperation with both clients and suppliers for best results.

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    Personal guidance and long-term perspective are important to us

    We help you get clarity by reporting a well-documented process. MaxiDoor will help you from idea to installed door.

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