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70 years of engineering and innovation

The company was founded in 1950 in Arboga under the name Arboga safe and fire doors by three partners, including Göran Olovsson, who came to have an important part in the company's history.


The company was founded in 1950 in Arboga under the name Arboga safe and fire doors by three partners, including Göran Olovsson, who came to have an important part in the company's history.

As the name of the company indicates, safes and fire doors were manufactured in steel. The premises in Arboga were small and very worn out so new workshop premises were soon sought for their business and at the end of 1952 Göran Olovsson found an almost completely new and large workshop in Frövi.


In 1977, Max Lauterbach was hired by Göran Olovsson, who was then the sole owner of the company. Max was given responsibility for the sales and all administration, as Göran enjoyed the production best. Max came from a company that manufactured industrial doors, so in connection with Max's arrival at the company, the company's product portfolio was expanded with large industrial doors and folding doors. At the end of 1981 Max Lauterbach received an offer from Göran Olovsson to acquire Frövi Branddörr and in 1982 he took over the company. He then also changed the name of the company to MaxiDoor AB, as it is still called today.


During the 1980s, steel doors, industrial doors and folding doors were mainly manufactured. A new product also came in: the sandwich element. It was used for folding doors but also for making cabinets for trailers and wall elements for industrial halls, etc.m. However, the investment in sandwich elements did not work out as well as intended, so this production was discontinued in the early 1990s. In the manufacture of folding doors, there was always a lot of waste of grant profiles. Max found out that it would be possible to manufacture entrance sections of steel with the waste from the folding port production. This was the beginning of MaxiDoor's steel lot production, which thus started on a small scale in the late 1980s. Since the mid-1990s, MaxiDoor has slowly but surely built up a steel lot production that is today one of the leading in Sweden.

21st century

In the early 2000s, an investment in doors used where there are higher safety requirements was initiated.

In 2008, MaxiDoor was acquired by Håkan Andersson and Jens Gustafsson and the investment in security doors and surrounding products intensified. In 2012, the new owners built a brand new office. The steel lot workshop was expanded to expand further so that a rational production area could be created. The investment in safety products continued and today MaxiDoor can be proud to be one of the leading players for steel doors and steel parts with high safety requirements.


On April 1, 1953, the company moved to Stenfallet in Frövi and these premises are still used today in the production of today's steel doors. However, the premises have been expanded twice since moving in in 1953.


The first extension of the steel door workshop in the 1960s and the second was made in 1974-75. When moving to Frövi, the company changed its name to Frövi brandörr, as fire doors were the main production and safe production was discontinued.


In 1998, Max Lauterbach felt it was time for him to retire and MaxiDoor was acquired by three employees at MaxiDoor: Håkan Andersson, Leif Stenström and Lennart Sjöström. This trio owned the company for 10 years and during this time mainly steel lot production developed. However, the steel doors were still an important product for the company.


In 2018, MaxiDoor was acquired by Scandinavian Critical Infrastructur Protection Group-SCIPG AB.

In 2019, MaxiDoor acquired aluminium and steel lot manufacturer Tollor in Gothenburg. Tollor is today a subsidiary of MaxiDoor. With this acquisition, MaxiDoor can also supply aluminium partitions and be represented in western Sweden, where there will be expansionary construction in the coming years.

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