Quality & environment

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We feel great responsibility for ensuring that our products and solutions contribute to sustainable development in society. We closely follow the laws and requirements imposed on us as a manufacturer and we work long-term to minimize our environmental impact. We are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AFS 2001:1 (1 8000).

We use documented processes throughout the entire line to ensure good quality in products and deliveries. For information regarding product certificates, please refer to the respective product information.

Quality in products, analysis and delivery

MaxiDoor shall, with the following quality principles, be industry-leading by:
  • High performance and quality of manufactured products
  • Great availability of assortment
  • Accurate, fast and easily accessible information
  • Efficient and precise order management
  • Secure deliveries
  • Professional treatment and relationships with customers
  • Customized and efficient solutions
  • Systematic improvement work for increased efficiency and customer satisfaction

MaxiDoor will constantly improve its environmental work and contribute to sustainable and sustainable development.

  • We will comply with environmental requirements
  • We will make demands on suppliers
  • We will have efficient handling of residues
  • We will minimize energy and material consumption
work environment

MaxiDoor shall in its work environment work:

  • Strive to minimize risks and injuries in the workplace
  • Characterized by good competence in all positions
  • Provide opportunities for professional development
  • Work for continuous improvement
  • Follow current regulations and procedures
CE marking

Since 1 July 2013, all construction products covered by a harmonised standard shall have a CE marking and declaration of performance. MaxiDoor of course complies with this requirement and we send you a declaration of performance for all CE-marked products.

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Take part of our complete standard range

The range consists of Swedish-produced quality doors tested under harsh conditions. Choose from, among other things, dense security doors, steel sections and aluminum sections.

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What features do I need?

MaxiDoor works hard to develop a high function in our doors and offer the market doors that can handle most things in terms of fire, safety and wear.

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MaxiDoor is a knowledge company with safety in focus

An obvious partner for door solutions. We help architects, construction companies, property owners and authorities solve complex fire and safety issues in buildings.

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