The advantages of aluminum doors, windows and partitions are that the material is light, strong and malleable for design. Aluminum is weather resistant and ideal for low temperature environments as the material maintains its endurance and even becomes harder.

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Aluminum assortment

Sapa building systems are ideal for both the exterior and interior of modern buildings with high demands. Doors, windows and facades can be combined and there is a great opportunity to influence the design of the product through the choice of glass, proportions and finishes. Powder coating is the dominant coating method and there is an almost unlimited choice of colors according to the RAL and NCS scales.

Aluminum door
Aluminum doors

We offer aluminum doors in different security classes.

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aluminum partitions-maxi
Aluminium partitions

Entrance solutions and other solutions with aluminium glass surfaces that should maintain high quality and function over time.

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Sapa window-1
Aluminum windows

Uninsulated aluminum profiles for fixed or inward-opening windows.

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aluminum-faced tolls
Aluminum facade

A flexible system for all types of facades and consists of insulated profiles.

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Sapa-3050 glass batch
Glass section

Non-insulated glazed units and fixed windows. 3050 Glazed units consist of non-insulated, 50 mm deep aluminum profiles.

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Glass roof

Glass roofs can be statically built with large spans and in almost any shape.

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What industries are our products in?

Our doors can be found in society's most central functions such as hospitals, prisons, legal centres, as well as in real estate and industry.

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products box
What security door do I need? Don't worry, we'll help you!

We work both our product quality and delivery quality, which means that we solve complex projects in close cooperation with both clients and suppliers for best results.

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Personal guidance and long-term perspective are important to us

We help you get clarity by reporting a well-documented process. MaxiDoor will help you from idea to installed door.

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