Steel doors

A steel door can withstand a lot for a long time. They should withstand wear and tear and be safe. Our steel doors offer security on many different levels and the doors keep these safety levels for a long time. We produce both standard and special doors in our own factory in Frövi. We also help you with design and assembly.

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Highly functional doors that protect against burglary, fire and noise.

A steel door not only provides better burglary protection, it also acts as a fire door. A steel door is not forced in the first place and does not catch fire. In addition to containing the fire, it also prevents the smoke from spreading further in the building. In Sweden, there are many laws and regulations concerning doors in buildings and public spaces. These include various requirements for safety-rated doors or fireproof doors. Steel doors from MaxiDoor are Type Approved and CE marked exterior doors and are available in different security classes - depending on your needs. sound doors that are sound-absorbing and shut out noise.

Steel doors

Security doors

We offer protective doors in different security classes (SSF class 1, 2, 3).

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Steel doors Fire door

Fire doors

Fire resistance is one or more characteristics of the composite construction.

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Cell door

Cell doors

Equipment is inspection hatch, food hatch, handcuff hatch and phobia barrier.

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Swedish-made steel doors

We are a Swedish door manufacturer specializing in secure and customized doors. However, our business is more than just manufacturing. Our unique offer is to act as consultants for our customers and actively collaborate in projects to find the most optimal solutions. MaxiDoor has extensive experience and can create a well-balanced combination of design and function. Our customers include both authorities, the public sector and companies.

Our offer extends from the initial idea phase to manufacturing, comprehensive testing and seamless installation. However, our responsibility does not end there - we also act as service partners and advisors to ensure the safety of buildings and extend the durability of doors.

Steel doors
Steel doors

More than standard - custom-made products

The term "steel doors" refers to the basic structure or the door leaf itself. What makes the door a security door, fire door or a steel glass panel depends on the choices we make in its manufacture. For example, a fire door will be reinforced with extra materials that are resistant to high temperatures and color options adapted for fire safety.

A burglar door is fitted with increased thickness and extra protection points to prevent burglary. A steel glass panel can include bulletproof or tempered glass and is offered in single or double construction.

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What is a steel door?

Steel doors and more specifically security doors are doors with extra reinforcement that include protection against burglary, gunshots, explosions and fire. These doors have been tested against attacks and are equipped with different accessories and materials depending on the level of protection. They are built from thick steel to prevent, prolong or stop attempted attacks. Together with security devices such as locks, surveillance and alarms, the security door in many cases forms an almost impenetrable barrier to unauthorized persons.

Steel doors
Doors designed in the desired protection class

The door we make depends on the level of security you want for your door. The most common level of protection is called RC3 and is considered cost-effective while providing strong protection against most attacks. Security doors are classified according to a protection level system, called RC (Resistance Class), which ranges from RC1 to RC6. This classification takes into account various factors, including the choice of materials, the thickness of the doors and any reinforcements.

An accredited test organization evaluates the door according to various criteria and measurement values and then assigns it a classification according to the Swedish standard for burglary protection, SS-EN 1627. This classification means that the door is assessed and assigned a protection level between RC1 to RC6.

MaxiDoor has chosen to test its doors at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB, a state-owned research institution that collaborates with universities, industry and society to promote development and sustainable growth.

Questions about construction or steel doors? We are happy to answer your questions.

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    What industries are our products in?

    Our doors can be found in society's most central functions such as hospitals, prisons, legal centres, as well as in real estate and industry.

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    What security door do I need? Don't worry, we'll help you!

    We work both our product quality and delivery quality, which means that we solve complex projects in close cooperation with both clients and suppliers for best results.

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    Personal guidance and long-term perspective are important to us

    We help you get clarity by reporting a well-documented process. MaxiDoor will help you from idea to installed door.

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