With safety in focus

MaxiDoor – an obvious partner for door solutions. We help architects, construction companies, property owners and authorities solve complex fire and safety issues in buildings.

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We manufacture first-class security doors and steel sections that meet the toughest requirements on the market.

Own manufacturing makes surely safer

In addition to security doors and steel partitions, we develop special solutions in collaboration with our customers. It can be about hardware, software and design for buildings with special requirements for fire safety, burglary protection and aesthetic design.

Door types

Security doors

We offer protective doors in different security classes (SSF class 1, 2, 3).

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Fire doors

We have fire doors with different options and fire classes.

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Steel glass partitions

Entrance solutions and other solutions with glass surfaces that should maintain high quality and function over time.

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Aluminium partitions

Well thought out and customized metal and glass profile doors for public environments.

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Industries we operate in

Our focus on safety means that we usually undertake a whole and offer consultation, design and training as a natural complement to our products. No matter what customer we help. MaxiDoor always offers added value in addition to the product and we constantly try to exceed the customer's expectations.

From idea to function

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Solution-oriented project management

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Own bespoke production

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The right installation for safe use

Latest news on MaxiDoor

Stay up to date on what we're working on at the moment. We continuously update the information about our projects, events, company changes and product offerings, as well as much more.

Build your door

See MaxiDoor's entire range of doors and partitions sorted by category. Easily choose your door by option and function. All doors can be customized according to drawings.

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Door classes

We work hard to develop a high function in our doors and offer the market doors that can handle most things in terms of fire, safety and wear. Read more about our different classes for each function below.

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Our options

With a large selection of options both external and proprietary options, we will help you to an optimal door. MaxiDoor is passionate about continuous innovation and with each new project, the versatility of our doors is expanded through new smart options and features.

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