Fire doors

Fire doors are advantageously installed in car tunnels, parking garages, industries, schools, hospitals, stairwells and other public buildings. A fireproof building is not only a good investment, but also a requirement. Maxidoor develops a total solution with fire doors, fire shutters and other key factors for optimal safety.

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Fire door based on classification

We have fire doors with different classifications and fire classes. Choose whether you need a single door or a double door. We also offer fire-rated doors in special dimensions. Our fire doors are also noise-cancelling and reduce noise and noise.

Fire door A60

Fire resistance is one or more characteristics of the composite construction.

Fire A class
Sound relay30 dB

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What industries are our products in?

Our doors can be found in society's most central functions such as hospitals, prisons, legal centres, as well as in real estate and industry.

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What security door do I need? Don't worry, we'll help you!

We work both our product quality and delivery quality, which means that we solve complex projects in close cooperation with both clients and suppliers for best results.

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Personal guidance and long-term perspective are important to us

We help you get clarity by reporting a well-documented process. MaxiDoor will help you from idea to installed door.

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