• Fire class: EI60
  • Sound reduction: -
  • Security class: -
  • Thermal performance: -

Steel parts - function over time

Steel is well suited for entrance solutions and other solutions with glass surfaces that should maintain high quality and function over time. The material has many properties that are in demand in environments where both design, function and durability are important aspects. We offer both standard and special products for the construction industry in profile systems, glass partitions. We also help you with design and assembly.

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We work with the major seizure suppliers such as Assa, Dorma, Geze etc.m.

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glass recess-2
Glass recesses

Round ø400, square up to ø600×600

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ventilation grille-maxi
Ventilation grilles

200×200 up to 600×600, max 2pcs. No fire rating

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Stop threshold, Executable threshold plate, Thresholdless workmanship, Mechanical sealing threshold.

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A-frame: with lining on the G and A sides, for wall thickness from-to-mm. B-frame: feed formation on the G-side. C-frame: stealth frame without lining.

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Others to the wall

Installation zones, terminal block, kick protection, sealing strip, door closers, magnetic contacts, end-of-power, end-of-life, motor locks, lock piston caps, water deflectors and more.

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fire protection

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sound insulation

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Fire gas density

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Explosion protection

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Corrosivity class

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OBS-Door Specifications


surface treatment

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Security doors

We offer protective doors in different security classes (SSF class 1, 2, 3).

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Fire doors

Fire resistance is one or more characteristics of the composite construction.

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Steel glass partitions

Entrance solutions and other solutions with glass surfaces that should maintain high quality and function over time.

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Aluminium partitions

Well thought out and customized metal and glass profile doors for public environments.

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