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How protected is your business from burglary?

31 August 2022
Steel glass partition
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Every day, Sweden's businesses and public authorities are at risk of potential burglaries that can cause damage, theft of inventory, leakage of sensitive information and a feeling of insecurity. In many cases, the door and its resistance is the deciding factor in whether or not a burglary attempt is successful. There are a few security doors that cannot be broken open with heavy tools - but the difference between whether the door can be broken open in 3 or 15 minutes can determine whether or not security guards or police arrive in time. Investing in an RC4 burglar rated door will secure your business and is one of the most secure doors you can have to reduce the risk of burglary.

What is an RC4 burglary rating?

RC stands for Resistance Class, or in English burglary class. Doors with an RC rating are tested by RISE according to SS-EN 1627 and certified by the Swedish Fire & Safety Certification (SBSC). The classes available are RC2, RC3, RC4 and RC5. An RC4 rating means that the door needs to be extra reinforced and withstand effective attack time with heavy hand tools such as crowbars, axes, bolt cutters, hacksaws, plate cutters and electric drills up to 15 minutes.
Read more about the different safety classes here

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MaxiDoors doors are not only secure, they can also be fully adapted to your business. We can customise the shape, add glass sections, offer different surface materials and colours, as well as a range of handles and extra features.

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We are a Swedish door company with extensive experience in manufacturing and special solutions for our customers. Since 1960 MaxiDoor has been manufacturing security doors and refining our offer. Today, the company is a leader in security and works towards some of the country's largest authorities such as justice centres, detention centres and prisons. At the same time, we have a tremendous breadth and deliver both standard and special solutions to corporate customers. Through our own production facilities of 5000 m² in Frövi, just outside Örebro, we have the capacity required to deliver large volumes and at the same time have full control over quality.

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