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MD60 - New improved door series!

April 28, 2024
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MaxiDoor has been working with various authorities and organizations in the field of high-security for several years. In connection with the Prison and Probation Service raising the sound requirements, we have taken the opportunity to adapt our entire new MD60 door series accordingly. For you as a customer, no matter what industry you operate in, this means simply put: better doors.

What improvements have been made?

Increased sound rating
Basically, every door has an improved sound rating as standard. We have also developed a highly efficient add-on that is available for each door. This allows for an increase in sound insulation of around 10 dB, which makes a huge difference in comparison.

Improved fire protection and more classifications available
Doors are manufactured and tested according to the latest fire safety requirements for tightness and insulation. All fire doors or security doors with fire protection are available in the following classes:

  • Fire door MD61, Security door MD63
    EI230, EI215EW60, EI230EW60, EI215EW60
    These doors resist fire and smoke for 30-60 minutes.
  • MD64 security door
    EI230, EI215EW60, EI230EW60, EI215EW60, EI230EW120, EI215EW120
    These doors resist fire and smoke for 30-120 minutes.
  • MD64 cell door

It should also be added that the doors offer this fire protection from both inside and outside.

Safety and security
Doors are available in RC3-RC4 and are classified for this. They are also available in higher classifications on request.

Sturdy construction allows for one locking point
A major advantage of all MD series doors is that they only require one locking point. This is through a very solid construction that maintains high classification, where other doors require 2 or 3 locking points to get the same security class approved.

From a cost perspective, this means that our customers do not have to budget for two or more motorized locks, which reduces the total cost of the investment, especially when ordering several doors.


The MD series doors


  • Fire door without safety class with Rw39db as standard in sound rating.
  • With a retrofitted sound extension, the door has a sound rating of Rw49db.
  • Also available as a double door under the name MDD61.
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  • RC3 fire and security door with Rw39db as standard in sound rating.
  • With a retrofitted sound extension, the door has a sound rating of Rw49db.
  • Also available as a double door under the name MDD63.
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  • RC4 fire and security door with Rw43db as standard in sound rating.
  • With a retrofitted sound extension, the door has an Rw50db+ sound rating.
  • Also available as a double door under the name MDD64.
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MD64 cell door

MD64 cell

  • Cell door with Rw44-46db as standard in sound rating depending on threshold.
  • With a retrofitted sound extension, the door has an Rw50db+ sound rating.
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The door can be supplemented with a handle on the inside for the lawyer, which can be easily removed if the space is to be used as a cell.

The door has Rw44-46db as standard and Rw50db with a retrofitted sound extension.


Name of the door series

To make it as easy as possible for our customers, we have named the doors according to a simple system. MD initially stands for MaxiDoor.

  • The first digit stands for the standard in the number of minutes the door can withstand in fire resistance.
  • The second digit stands for RC classification.

MD61 fire door
-Standard 60 minutes fire resistance
The -1 stands for RC1 and in this case the door has no safety classification.

MD64 security door
-Standard 60 minutes, but door available with up to 120 minutes fire resistance.
-The -4 stands for RC4 in burglary or security classification.



In any context where increased sound insulation contributes to a higher quality of the environment or business, these doors are an excellent option. Below are 6 examples of application areas:

Justice centers and detention facilities
Provides privacy and protection for sensitive information while reducing disruptive noise.

Industrial areas and workshops
Protects against loud noises while offering extra security against unauthorized intrusion. Reduces sound transmission, protecting against eavesdropping and securing confidential information.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities
Provides a safe and quiet environment for patients and staff, protects private information and provides privacy between departments.

Banks and financial institutions
Combines soundproofing with a high level of security to protect customers and their privacy.

Government buildings and embassies
Offer good protection against eavesdropping and unauthorized intrusion while ensuring a quiet working environment.

Conference room
Offers a quiet and safe environment for senior executives to work and meet.


Are you interested in our MD series doors?

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