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RC4 security doors - the best solution for high security

14 August 2023
Security doors-RC4
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Prioritize the first point of attack

For example, MaxiDoor installs specially adapted RC4 doors for entrances, passages and shelters. This can apply to schools, hospitals, shops, business premises, parking garages and more.
Insurance companies often require protection class 2, which means an RC3 door. We recommend at least RC3 for external entrances and RC4 when you want to secure the building from burglary, as they are the first point of attack during a break-in. For this reason, they should generally have the highest level of protection. The outermost entrance should always have such a high level of burglary protection that the burglary cannot be carried out. Either it is interrupted prematurely or the thief does not succeed. For optimal overall protection, these doors can also be equipped with an electric lock that is linked to an alarm system.

MaxiDoors doors available in RC4 class

  • Security door SD4 or MD64
  • All steel glass panels, both glazed doors and panels.
  • Contact us for a custom-made RC4 door.
RC4-rated entrance door to the maternity ward at O-house at Huddinge Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

What is an RC4 door?

RC4 is not really a specific door, but an indication of the type of resistance classification the door has. An RC4-rated door can therefore be a steel door, a fire door or a steel-glass door, for example. Door manufacturers, including MaxiDoor, choose for practical reasons to include the resistance class in the name of the door. This is because in most cases the resistance class is what a buyer is primarily looking for. Many buildings have specific requirements regarding which class the doors should have in order to meet the building's specific total protection. Total protection consists of a compilation of all the building's vulnerable points such as windows, doors, walls, lock types, fire protection and more.

What does the term mean?

RC stands for "Resistance class" and 4 is the level of resistance the door offers. A door with class 4 is considered a high security door and is difficult to force, even with tools. The RC scale ranges from RC1 to RC6. The scale is a European standard for burglary security and provides a basis for Swedish testing bodies.