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Discover the advantages of our custom-made steel glass doors!

11 November 2022
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Our steel glazing is a very popular product due to its combination of appearance and high security. In addition, glass partitions open up spaces and let in light!

At MaxiDoor, we rarely deliver just a door, but a complete solution. Based on a drawing or a request, we fill the passage with a single or double door and associated fixed glass sections. The door is then equipped with the desired level of security, options and automation.


Our designers will make proposals for customised glazing to your dimensions. Through in-house production, we can adapt the steel to the building and produce completely custom-made shapes. We can also assist with screen printing on glass and various options for this.


Our steel glass doors are available in different security classes according to your needs, ranging from RC2 to RC5. For example, for a larger project, we may recommend increasing the protection class of the external steel glazing and using a lower classification in the premises.

Examples of common options for steel glass doors

- Side/overhead lights
- Automatic
- Fittings for access control system

Stainless steel or painted

Choose material and finish as required. The colour can be adapted to the surroundings.


Our steel glazing is usually installed in the public sector such as schools, hospitals and government offices. Also common are various types of entrances for apartment buildings, shops and premises.

Advice & quotation

Contact us for help with steel glazing for your next project. What is unique about MaxiDoor is our ability to guide you, the customer, to a good overall solution that combines security, price and function. All we need is an idea or a drawing - we'll take care of the rest for you.

Customer case steel glass partitions

See our project for the Karolinska Hospital - Chopin, which involved many different types of custom-made steel glass sections with different shapes, layouts and functions.