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MD64 cell door now with reinforced fire protection

13 February 2023
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In collaboration with RISE, we have conducted a complementary fire test on our MD-64 cellular door with good results. The main news is that the door now has enhanced fire protection up to 60 minutes and also that it is available with an installation zone. In the pictures below you can see the test where we tested the doors with the hinges on the cold side. Temperature on the warm side is at the same time more than 950 degrees.

The samples went so well that we will offer MD64 cell with the following classification and options in the future:

  • Brand EI230EW60
  • Frame: A,B,C
  • With or without installation zone/Niche
  • Installations: communication equipment, alarm button, card reader, switches, sockets, etc.)
  • Highly placed additional lock (with mech or electric end plate)
  • Low positioned additional lock (with mech or electric end plate)
  • Master lock: Chubb, ASSA5970/4970/2970
  • Spark protection/phobic barrier with or without 3-point locking (3-point lock EI230)
  • Handcuff hatch with plunger lock
  • Inspection hatch
  • S200/Sa
  • Double sealing strips (if desired) increase sound and flue gas tightness
  • Jointing on both sides (if desired) increases sound and flue gas density

What is a fire test and why do we carry them out?

A fire test is a process in which a steel door is exposed to high temperatures combined with high levels of smoke to simulate a fire under controlled conditions. This helps us determine whether the door will work properly and protect people and property in a real fire. Upon successful testing, the door can then be given a rating (TG, CE) to indicate the level of fire protection it can withstand, in this case EI230EW60, EI30. This standard serves as a guideline for clients and facilitates the selection of the right door.